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Testimonials from GPs & Psychiatrists


“The HG approach encompasses all therapy techniques that are effective, without being rigidly confined to any single model. As a result, it is efficient and satisfying.

I liken it to being a plumber. Plumbers don't stick to a pre-set model: they learn all the different ways to look at a problem and do whatever is most appropriate to fix the one in front of them as quickly as they can"


Dr. Farouk Okhai MRC Psych., HG Dip, FHGI 

Consultant Psychiatrist with the Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust & Chair of the Human Givens Institute


"When I refer a patient for HG therapy, virtually everyone responds quickly and in a very sustainable way. They become stronger, are able to think more clearly, are much calmer and have regained control of their lives. These new strengths are not only useful in solving their current concerns, but also in preventing future similar issues from arising therefore achieving both short and longer-term benefits.

Emotional distress can occur in anyone's life (none of us are exempt) for a whole variety of reasons, and although the symptoms can be very disturbing both for the individuals concerned and those around them, most conditions can be treated using HG Techniques very quickly indeed." 

Dr. Frank Hargreaves MRCGP
Mental Health Lead for Liverpool South 



"I have been a GP for twenty years and am one of three partners in a seven-doctor practice in Dudley, a deprived area 12 miles from Birmingham with high levels of unemployment, chronic ill health and mental illness.

I first encountered HG in October 2005 and it has now entirely changed my practice. My anti-depressant prescribing has plummeted and my surgeries all run late because this approach is so effective it is better to spend twenty, thirty or even forty minutes of initial surgery time in order to really help patients quickly.

Using HG techniques I am so much more able to help my patients both with their immediate problems, while perhaps even more importantly, helping them prevent recurrence of similar problems in the future."

Dr. Mona Mahfouz MRCGP
Mental Health Lead – Dudley





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